Please check the requierments of your destination to see which test their border requires for entry and how long before travel you must take your test.   

Here are some examples of country specific sites

France  click here

USA click here

Portugal click here

You can then navigate through our COVID-19 pages ( which will help you find the test you need.

Some terms that might be useful

PCR test - Polymerase chain reaction test which is a test to detect genetic material from an organism such as a virus.  It detects the presence of a virus if you have the virus at the time of the test.  This test has to be sent to a laboratory for testing. Results available same day or next day

Rapid Antigen test (LFD lateral flow device or antigen test) these tests detect the Covid virus and can be done at home or in the clinic.  The test is run on a cartridge in the clinic (or at home) and can give an accurate result within 30 minutes