Blood tests are often taken as part of our GP consultation.  If you need a blood test don't forget to mention it to your doctor whilst you are with them and make sure you leave enough time for the blood to be drawn, labelled and sent to the lab.

If you need a blood test outside a normal consultation please book a blood test appointment.  This will just be to take the blood and send it to the lab.

The cost of the blood tests will depend on which tests you require. All of our blood tests are analysed by The Doctors' Laboratory London, and we charge their list prices. For a specific quote, please contact TDL London ( with a list of the tests you require and request a price. The full price will be your consultation fee (Free for Members, £125 for Non-members) plus the pathology as quoted by TDL. 

If you are require a phlebotomy service only, and intend to submit your blood to a different lab service, the full price will be your consultation fee (Free for Members, £125 for Non-members). For further information and to book please visit:


Please note, our Doctors are unable to provide medical advice within a phlebotomy consultation. To access medical advice, please book a GP consultation. Additionally, we are unable to provide a phlebotomy service to those aged 12 or under.