In order for us to process your repeat prescription request we need please send a written request with the following information that we will pass to the doctor for review. 

- name of each drug
- dose that you take
- how often you take it
- how many days or months supply you need or number of pills needed

The doctor will either issue you with a repeat prescription or will ask you to come in for review.

Please also confirm 

- that you are happy for us to put the £30 repeat prescription fee through on your saved card (if you have one)

- which option you would like for collection of your medication

  1.  Receive prescription by post
  2.  Collect prescription from our office
  3.  Prescription sent electronically to your phone for collection at any Boots.

Please tell us which of these three options would suit you best.

We are not able to issue any repeat prescriptions for controlled drugs or sedative hypnotics including diazepam and sleeping pills as these can only be given during a consultation with your doctor.  We are unlikely to be able to prescribe antibiotics outside a consultation.  GP appointments can be booked via our website.