The requirements for medicals vary.  We try to do them as quickly and efficiently as possible and give you a guide about cost below.  Simple medicals are usually 1-2 pages at most.  During the medical the doctor will complete the form and examination.  Additional tests may require a further booking details of which can be found below.  Please use this information to estimate the likely cost of the medical


To commence the process, please book a standard GP consultation and bring with you the completed medical form.  If additional time is needed you will be asked to book a further appointment which may require a second visit.



Appointment type

Follow up

Likely cost 

Medical with urine test

GP standard 30 mins

Not required


Medical with blood and urine test

GP standard 30 mins

15 minute

£315 plus lab charges

Extensive medical blood tests ecg

GP appointment 60 minutes

May be required

£390 plus lab charges

£100 for follow up

Extensive medical blood urine ecg and immunisations

GP appointment 60 minutes

Nurse appointment

£390 plus lab charges

£75 plus immunisations

£100 if follow up needed

Simple medical or certification of health

GP standard 30 mins

Not required



Costs of commonly requested blood tests




Test name


Full blood count/CBC/FBC

Haematology DL3


LFT/Glucose/Blood sugar/Cholesterol LDL HDL

Biochemistry DL1


Haematology and Biochemistry package

Haematology & Biochemistry DL2


Lipids Chol LDL HDL

Lipids LIP


VDRL RPR Syphilis



HIV test



Hep B immunity



Hep B surface antigen



Hep B core antigen



Hep C immunity



TB test/Mantoux (done as a blood test)

TBQ Quantiferon


Blood group 




Fasting is no longer required for any blood tests.


Other commonly requested tests:



Time taken/bookable


Chest X-Ray (off site)

Separate appointment


Spirometry lung function test

15 minutes



15 minutes


Stress ecg (off site)

Separate appointment

 on request

Audiogram/hearing test

15 minutes


Urinalysis urine for protein sugar blood

At time of medical


Drug screen without chain of custody

At time of medical



 Please ensure that you complete your part of the form before you attend for your appointment and bring the form with you.  If there is a requirement for vaccination record please ensure that you bring your vaccination record with you to the appointment.