At Mayfield Clinic, our GPs are able to offer cervical screening (smear tests) or you can obtain and carry out a cervical smear 'self test'.


How much does a GP-led smear test cost?

The price of the service is determined by two components:

  1. A standard GP appointment

  2. The HPV lab analysis - In 2023, this price is £66.50

In the event that the HPV is positive, cell analysis is included at no-cost. Should you wish for us to carry out cell analysis in any event, there is an additional charge of £80.

You can book a standard GP appointment via the button below:



How much is a HPV self-test?

The self-test costs £125. The test kit contains a simple cervical swab which you can do at home, instructions on how to carry out the test and a pre-paid returns envelope for you to send your sample to the laboratory for testing. You will receive your results via text message within five working days of posting your sample.