If you are registered as a Member at Mayfield Clinic we will hold details of the immunisations that we have given at our practice. Mayfield Clinic will be happy to supply information about immunisations that we have given on request.


Does the NHS share immunisation history with Mayfield Clinic?

The NHS does not by default share information with the private sector about which immunisations your child has been given - whether in your NHS GP practice or whilst your children are at school. You can request an immunisation summary from your child's NHS GP.


Can I obtain immunisation advice at Mayfield?

If you would like to discuss any concerns that you have about your child's immunisation record, their immunisation status or missing immunisations please book a standard appointment with one of our GPs. 


Please bring with you records of any immunisations that have been given in the past. We will be able to review these and let you know if the record is complete, and if there are any other immunisations that you may consider giving to your child.