Can you follow the UK's National Immunisation Schedule?

We generally give immunisations in line with the recommended immunisation schedule in the UK. If you are following a schedule from another country we are able to follow this.  


What about immunisations not on the National Immunisation Schedule?

In certain circumstances, we are also able to give immunisations that are outside of the UK's national immunisation schedule. This includes immunisations on international schedules, and immunisations where we have been instructed by another physician.


Examples of immunisations that fall into this category include:

  • Chickenpox

  • Hep B

Can I view the UK's immunisation schedule?  

The UK catchup schedule can be viewed here so that you are able to see what would be given to children in the event of incomplete immunisation.


How do I arrange to for me or my children to receive an immunisation not on the UK's schedule?

Our compliance and regulatory requirements mean that requests for immunisation in children or young adults that fall outside these guidelines require a consultation prior to administration of the vaccine. We may be able to give the vaccine should you still want to go ahead once we have discussed with you.  


The costs for this service would be:

  • A 30 minute GP appointment to discuss the vaccination you require and agree whether it is appropriate or not

  • A follow-up GP appointment to deliver the vaccination, plus the cost of the vaccination itself

You can book this service via our website.