At Mayfield Clinic, we encourage regular users of our service to consider becoming a Member through our subscriber programs:

  • Core Subscription

  • Premium Subscription

Members of these schemes receive access to Mayfield Clinic GPs (and in the case of Premium Subscribers, also to Mental Health services), discounts on blood test profiles and access to wellness services.


This article outlines why we think a subscription is preferred for individuals or families using Mayfield Clinic as their main primary care provider.


Mayfield Clinic Membership

In 2020, we launched what we now call 'Standard Membership'. This is an annual fee which delineates a patient as a Member, giving them access to our front-desk team via phone, reduced fees and access to our out of hours service.


Membership also denotes our 'registered' patients. Anyone who is using the clinic as a non-member, we consider a guest or temporary patient, and we'll direct their notes and correspondence back to their NHS or regular GP after a consultation. 


For our limited number of Members, we retain a record, and will take a proactive approach to managing their care and we give direct access to our small front-desk team - it wouldn't be possible to offer these services for all 10,000 individual non-member patients who visit the practice annually.


Why A Subscription?

What we've found over the last 4 years is that whilst Members do come into the practice when they have urgent concerns, the individual transaction cost of an individual consultation sometimes creates friction that prevents them from attending. Feedback suggests they often think, perhaps because of the appointment fees, "I'll wait and see if this changes" - when in actual fact, a GP consultation at that point in time would be advisable.


We hope that by rolling the annual membership fee, plus all our consultation fees, into one flat monthly fee, we'll remove the friction that individual appointment fees are causing. We want Members to draw upon our GPs, free from concern about cost, for all services including:

  • Standard consults, even for minor issues

  • Repeat prescriptions

  • Immunisations

  • Sexual health

  • Annual medicals

We recommend all subscribers of adult age attend at least once a year, so as to keep us up to date on their health matters - so that if they do need urgent care in the future, we have all the relevant information at hand.


We've written more about the virtues of a subscription in general here, and you can join the Membership schemes via the button below.